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Finding great devs is really hard

Finding quality developer talent is one of the greatest challenges facing companies today. Competition is heavy and it can be very hard to tell if a developer has the skills you need. Low quality developers result in buggy products, endless delays and unhappy customers. The stakes are high.

Choosing the wrong dev team is one of the greatest risks your company faces.

  • Demand for great devs is very high
  • There is a shortage of senior devs
  • The market is flooded with low skill devs
  • It can be very hard and time consuming to tell the difference

Facet makes finding great devs easy

Every Facet developer comes from top-tier software companies like Google, Netflix, Microsoft and Amazon. How are we able to find devs like these? We provide a unique work environment that gives them flexibility and variety in their work, so it's always engaging.

With Facet, you get the peace of mind and confidence that comes from having battle tested, senior devs working for you.

  • We meet with you to understand your development needs
  • We assemble the right team for your project
  • You work only with highly skilled devs
  • You don't stress about development anymore

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Here's how we're different

Battle tested devs only

The bar at Facet is incredibly high. We only hire developers that have many years of experience building software at the world's greatest software companies (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, etc). They are often called 10x developers because they are ten times as productive as the average developer. The difference you'll experience working with Facet devs is liberating.

Premium quality software, built faster

The best senior devs can create high quality, scalable, production ready software as much as 10x faster than average devs because they know what they're doing. Working with Facet devs you'll get a quality product to market faster and you'll spend less money doing it.

Software delivered on schedule and on budget

Senior devs are much better at estimating development times. That means your project stays on schedule and on budget. Seriously.

Developers you can trust

We are a team you can have a conversation with. Senior devs help you make the right product and technology choices for your business. They expand your vision and help you see what's possible with technology. You'll have confidence now, and a solid foundation to build on for many years to come.

All our devs are based in the USA

Say good-bye to the frustration of language barriers and 24 hour turnaround times for emails. All of our devs are based right here in the USA. They speak English and work when you work. It feels like an extension to your team.

Plug right in to your current team

Facet devs fit seamlessly into your current team because they meet or exceed the bar you have for your full-time employees. They'll feel like one of your own.

Get started as soon as tomorrow

Our large network of senior engineers allows us to get started quickly on new projects. Once we understand your needs, we'll assemble the right team for the job and get started.

Have questions?

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Some of the ways we can work together

Fixed bid project

We create a comprehensive statement of work that captures your requirements and give you fixed price bid to complete it. You know up front exactly you're going to get and exactly what it will cost. We become an extension of your team.

Staff augmentation

Facet devs work embedded directly in your existing engineering teams, on-site or remote. You get an elastic engineering team that's filled with devs that meet your FTE hiring bar. You pay a weekly rate.


You reserve a mix of project management, design, development and test hours in advance each month at a discounted rate. The result: you get the support you need, while paying a fraction of the cost of an full employee.

More than just devs

Facet provides the full set of services you need for your software project.

  • Product management
  • Devops/deployment
  • Project management
  • UX design
  • CTO services
  • Software architecture
  • Dev leadership
  • Graphic design
  • Security reviews

What our clients are saying

We needed a technology partner to take us from concept, to live demo, all the way to production. Facet provided an expert team of full-stack and mobile application developers. They are an excellent dev partner and an extension of our team.

Elan Lee
Chief Design Officer

We have a great working relationship with Facet where their developers work directly with our team as if they were in-house & we’ve been able to quickly do some amazing things. Happy to work with a partner who can share your vision and help you execute.  

Ben Eggett
United Games

Facet has been a vital extension of our own in-house development team. Working with them is also just plain fun and has provided me with peace-of-mind that the job will be done right and on-time. I know we can count on them.

Christine Estrada
Technology Manager
Rational Interaction

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