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We help product teams find world-class talent to fill their contingent staffing needs.

Our mission is to provide contract developers, designers and product managers the tools they need to flourish.

Raising the bar for contract talent.

When you are an independent contractor, you are the CEO of your own business. However, you are also the Head of Sales, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer. It can be intimidating. We understand that not every engineer that wants to be an independent contractor wants to take all that on.

We started Facet to make it easier for exceptional engineers to transition from full-time employee to independent contractor. We provide them with work opportunities, back office support like billing and collections, and a community of like minded individuals. And it's all free for contractors.

Facet is a new type of contracting platform. We only accept clients that want the very best talent and we only accept contractors that have earned the right to be called a Facet developer.

Our story

Facet was founded in 2011, by two Netflix engineers. They were frustrated by the low quality software produced by vendors when they needed additional dev manpower. Why couldn't they find contract devs that were the same caliber as their full-time co-workers? So they left their jobs at Netflix to build a software development agency filled exclusively with battle tested devs that had already spent years at great software companies - the development partner they always wanted.

Robert Sweeney
Founder & CEO
Blake Gibbons
VP of Sales & Operations

The Facet Developer Network

Facet is made up of an exclusive network of contract developers, designers and product managers. We provide our network members with community, support, and most importantly - work. We help connect great companies to great talent like you.

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