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We believe in software craftsmanship. We chose the name Facet because it evokes a sense of beauty, precision, quality and elegance - attributes we imbue in the code we write. Our success comes from two core pillars: the quality, strength and comradery of our team and the high level of service we provide our clients.

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Our story

Facet (formerly Attack Pattern) was founded in 2011, by two Netflix engineers, Robert Sweeney and Damien Guard. They were frustrated by the low quality software produced by vendors when they needed additional dev manpower. Why couldn't they find contract devs that were the same caliber as their full-time co-workers? So they left their jobs at Netflix to build a software development agency filled exclusively with battle tested devs that had already spent years at great software companies - the development partner they always wanted.

The Facet developer network

Facet is made up of a network of experienced full-time and freelance developers, designers and other engineers. When a client comes to us with a vision, one of our full-time leads assembles the right team of engineers from our network to bring it to life. We provide our freelance network members with community, support, and most importantly: work. Facet takes care of finding work, managing the account, project management, client updates, and collecting payment - all the stuff that takes away from how great being a freelance developer can be.

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Our values


We are one with our customers, we become part of your team and get emotionally invested in your product.


We are software craftsman, passionate about writing clean, elegant code for our customers.


Working at Facet means being part of a family where we have your back, no matter what, helping you accomplish ever greater feats and celebrating with you.


We're always honest with ourselves, our colleagues and our customers.


We take ownership — each of us is responsible for our collective success — we become connected to your product — and we expect you to represent your authentic self.


We go out of our way to find different points of view that challenge our own because we find strength in diversity, inclusion and perspective.

Our leadership team

Robert Sweeney
Founder & CTO
Steve Eros
Lauren Brown
Head of Client Engagement

What our clients are saying

We needed a technology partner to take us from concept, to live demo, all the way to production. Facet provided an expert team of full-stack and mobile application developers. They are an excellent dev partner and an extension of our team.

Elan Lee
Chief Design Officer

We have a great working relationship with Facet where their developers work directly with our team as if they were in-house & we’ve been able to quickly do some amazing things. Happy to work with a partner who can share your vision and help you execute.  

Ben Eggett
United Games

Facet has been a vital extension of our own in-house development team. Working with them is also just plain fun and has provided me with peace-of-mind that the job will be done right and on-time. I know we can count on them.

Christine Estrada
Technology Manager
Rational Interaction

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