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Facet is made up of a network of experienced freelance developers, designers, testers and other engineers. When a client comes to us with a problem, one of our full-time project managers assembles the right team of engineers from our network to solve it. We provide our network members with community, support, and most importantly -work. Facet takes care of finding work, managing the account, project management, client updates, and collecting payments - all the stuff that makes freelancing suck.

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Let's face it, there are some things about being a freelancer that just suck. Worrying about your next job, dealing with bad clients, and chasing down payments can be really stressful. It can also get quite lonely working for yourself. It would be really great if you could get the benefit of working at a larger company, but still have all the freedom, flexibility and independence that makes working for yourself so great. That's exactly why we created Facet.

Facet is a new type of software development agency - we have no staff in-house to do the projects we land. We rely completely on our network of trusted, senior freelancers. It's the perfect combination. We do all the heavy lifting of finding work, developing client relationships, managing accounts, billing, collections, etc. You get to focus on doing what you do best - building great software. By using a network of freelancers, rather than employing full-time staff, we can be more efficient and pass more of the client billings to you.

How it works


Create your Facet profile

First, fill out your Facet developer network profile. In it you'll tell us about your work history and what your areas of expertise are. Click here to start


We review your profile

We check to make sure you meet the bar. Read more about our qualification process here.


Join the community

Join our Slack group, meet the other members, ask questions, share your expertise, come to meetups and find new opportunities.


Receive project opportunities

When we find a project that matches your skill set and experience, we'll send you an email describing the project in detail. If you're interested, simply reply to the email and we'll start the process.

Why join the Facet developer network?

Easily find new work

Facet has a team dedicated to finding new work opportunities. When we find an opportunity that is a good match for your area of expertise, we'll notify you to see if you are interested and available. You'll spend less time doing sales, and more time doing what you love.

Eliminate the busywork

Facet handles the sales, project management, account management, status updates, invoicing and collections on every project. All the parts you'd probably rather not be doing.

Be part of a team

When you join Facet you become a part of a team. You're given access to our private Slack group where you can get help from peers, stay up on technology trends and join discussion. You get the benefits of a team, but without the politics.

Earn more more money

For many Facet projects, you will be working on a fixed bid basis. That means you get paid the same, even if you complete the work in half the time. Of course, the reverse is true, but we'll help you in the estimate creation process to help ensure you are being paid what you are worth.

Achieve better work-life balance

Working at companies like Amazon or Microsoft can be very demanding. It's easy to let work consume you. As a freelancer you can often maintain your current income levels, while achieving more balance in your life.

Work on really cool stuff

Our reputation for delivering amazing work has allowed us to form relationships with the world's most prestigious companies. Whether it's helping Disney with the next Star Wars or creating cutting edge VR tech with Oculus, you'll be sure to find work you are passionate about.

Bootstrap your new startup

Working as a freelancer gives you the freedom and flexibility to build the startup you've always wanted. By joining the Facet network, you can work as little or as much as you want to help pay the bills and reduce your risk while you launch your startup. You'll also find support from many others just like you in the network.

Get mentoring for your startup

As a member of our developer network, you'll have access to office hours with our founder, Robert Sweeney. Robert has successfully launched multiple venture backed startups and can help advise you on product, fundraising and other common startup issues.

Escape office politics

Climbing the corporate ladder might not be for you. Facet can help you transition to a more rewarding career. As a freelancer you'll have more flexibility to live where you want, travel and enjoy life.


What are the qualifications to become a member?

Facet is made up of former FAANGetc engineers. If you have 5+ years of professional development experience, with at least 3 at FAANGetc company, you are qualified. There's no brain teasers or whiteboard coding required.

What's a FAANGetc company?

FAANGetc (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, etc) are top-tier software companies known for having an extensive interviewing process, a high-bar for hiring and they ship software to very large customer bases. We use our best judgement when making this determination. GitHub - yes, Stripe - yes, Bill's Coffee Shop - no.

Why do you only accept freelancers that have worked at a FAANGetc company?

There are fantastic engineers at all sorts of companies. By limiting membership to FAANGetc engineers, we can rely on their extensive interviewing and engineering skills training, rather than relying on a flawed screening or interviewing process.

Do I need a resume to sign up?

Nope. If you have a LinkedIn profile, that's all we need. Otherwise, during the sign up process you'll be asked to list where you've worked and how long you worked there. We'll just ask you about your skills and experience so we know what projects to send your way.

Do I have to pass an interview to join?

Usually, no. If you have work experience at a top-tier software company, there are no interviews required. An strong endorsement from an existing network member will also get you in. If neither of those options are available, and you have a strong background, we will do a full set of thorough interviews.

What happens after I sign up?

We start by reviewing your profile to ensure you meet the experience requirements we have for Facet. After your profile is approved, we'll send you a welcome packet that explains what you can expect from your membership. You'll then be invited to our Slack group where you can meet the other members of the network.

Can I join the developer network if I have a full-time job?

Yes. Some projects we find don't require a full-time commitment and can be done after hours. Also, if you want to transition from your full-time job to full-time freelancer, joining the network will allow you to find your first project, before leaving your current job.

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